And the results say...
The following are the statistical results of the Opinion Poll that closed on October 5, 2002.  This poll was used to gather general information about those that visit the Pro AMT website, to propose the idea of turning the career field of Aviation Maintenance Technician into a profession, and to ask specific questions regarding what issues are most important to you.

Who completed the survey?

AMTs with <5 years            7%
AMTs with 5 - 10 years       6%                      Click Here for a list of
AMTs with 10 - 15 years   24%                    your most important issues!
AMTs with 15 - 20 years   17%
AMTs with over 20 years   40%
Others                                  6%

AMTs with additional ratings   39%
List of additional ratings:
AD                       ASMEL                         ATP                        CFI              CFII                           
DME                    FCC GROL                   FE                           IA                NDI   
Private Pilot          FCC Radar Endorsement                               SEL

Members of Professional Organizations   46%
List of Professional Organizations
AEA                    AMFA                            AOPA                    ATAC           ATEA
ATEC                  AWAM                          EAA                       GAMA          HAI
MBAA                NATA                            NBAA                     PAMA          PE
PMA                   WAMA                          WIAI

Should Aviation Maintenance Technicians be considered professionals?
Yes   96%          No   4%

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